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Please spend some time on the site and immerse yourself in creativity and inspiration. My work is inspired by nature's stillness and my Native American heritage. I hope you enjoy your time here and find something that resonates with you. I believe that art and creativity are essential to our lives, and I'm passionate about sharing my work with the world. Thanks for visiting!

R Shane Beer

The Native American Culture Inspires Me…

My artistic career began in 1969. I had instruction and direction from Native American Potter, Dawna Gatewood, and Native American Silversmith, Clarence Sousa. Through their ancient eyes and those of my family I called the “brown people”, I inherited a unique perspective on life and the experiences to come. This unique perspective enabled me to capture the essence of the land and my people’s culture in artwork. My artwork reflects my experiences and people’s culture. My pieces are inspired by the land, my people’s history and my own journey.

Each of my bronze sculptures are individually handmade and inspired by Native American heritage and love of land and God.

My jewelry pieces are hand wrought, hand stamped, sterling silver, copper, and in brass. Made with traditional and contemporary designs.

I created Story Bronzes and “Story Papers” to capture and preserve the pieces of time that visit my mind… they are the moments that create stories.
In both mediums of art, creating them is a much involved process. In
my mind an image is created. I created that image in clay for bronzes and in paper molds for the story papers. By viewing each finished piece and reading the final process, the story, “Magically… a story is born in the mind of the viewer”.

I offer custom pieces by request.

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These cabinet pulls will bring customized beauty to your home!  Each piece is individually hand made and unique.  Custom pieces are available.  Reach out through my contact form.

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My audio download for Children of the Horns is NOW AVAILALBE for download.  To download, go to it’s download page here.

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