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My creation mediums have expanded over time. I began with silversmithing traditional Navajo beads. Stage-blasting glass, “Story Bronzes”, and “Story Papers” art works followed soon after. Working in these mediums, I have combined my life’s influences with my Native American heritage, bringing the images in my mind to fruition.

I became a published writer in 2008, with the release of “Cowboys, Horses and Magic”, my first embossed story paper book. My latest collection of stories was influenced by my childhood experiences as the product of a white father and a native American mother. I wanted to capture the unique mix of cultures that make up my identity. I also wanted to create stories that would appeal to a wide audience, regardless of age or race. My stories have been well-received and have sparked meaningful conversations.

My Native American heritage has had a profound impact on my creative process. It has provided me with a rich well of inspiration, allowing me to weave together my personal experiences and cultural background into my art and writing. This unique mix of cultures not only shapes the stories I tell, but also the way I approach storytelling, infusing it with a sense of interconnectedness, spirituality, and a deep respect for nature.

Below are the narratives of my life and imagination I hope these stories will inspire others to explore their own stories and to find their own paths to healing, connection, and self-discovery. I hope to share my experiences and inspire others to find their own voice and become the best version of themselves.

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