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Rancher and Artist

Here is a bit of information about me that will give you some insight into my artistic adventure and love of creating work the reflects me and my experiences.

My artistic career began in 1969. It began with instruction and direction from Native American Potter, Dawna Gatewood, and Native American Silversmith, Clarence Sousa. Through their ancient eyes and those of my family I called the “brown people”, I inherited a unique perspective on life and the experiences to come. This unique perspective enabled me to capture the essence of the land and my people’s culture in artwork. The artwork reflects my experiences and people’s culture. The land, my people’s history, and my own journey inspire my pieces.  I aim to remind you of the connection between nature, culture, and identity through my work.

In addition to my Native American roots, I incorporate equestrian, wildlife, and western/cowboy themes. I enjoy bringing these influences together, creating a unique and personal style that is both captivating and meaningful. Pieces are often layered with symbolism, reflecting the complexity of life. Inspired by my life experiences, my artwork is a combination of traditional and modern art styles. I strive to make a connection between the past and present, creating art that speaks to the soul.

Creation Mediums

My creation mediums have also expanded over time. Beginning with silversmithing traditional Navajo beads, then adding on stage-blasting glass, subsequently “Story Bronzes”, and last but not least, my unique signature “Story Papers” art works. Working in these mediums, I have combined life’s influences with my Native American heritage, bringing the images in my mind to fruition. It is a joy to unite life experiences with the Navajo culture and to combine imagination with creativity using these mediums. It is like a chef creating a unique dish by blending different ingredients and seasonings to create something special. The end result is something truly unique and flavorful.

Published Author

I became a published writer in 2008, with the release of my first embossed paper storybook “Cowboys, Horses and Magic”. My latest collection of stories is influenced by my childhood experiences as the son of a white father and a native mother. The collection is entitled “Children of the Horns”. The first audio release of “Children of the Horns” is out and and available here for download.  It is a unique perspective on the classic themes of courage, trust, and perseverance. The work I do is very important to me and I am passionate about sharing it with the world.

Juried Events

I also received influence from Parker, Arizona; Laguna and Crownpoint, New Mexico; and South Texas. I have attended many juried events in Oklahoma, Arizona, Texas and New Mexico. During these juried events, my work was presented to a panel of jurors/judges who reviewed hundreds, sometimes thousands of artists competing for very few openings. Here, my work has been recognized for its unique style and use of traditional techniques from each of these regions. I have been able to showcase my work to a larger audience, as well as gain valuable feedback from jurors and other artists. This has allowed me to gain a wide range of influences from different artists, both from the area and around the world. I work to incorporate these influences into my artwork, creating an original style that reflects my experience and exposure.

Interviewed by "A Texas Girl Talks" - Lorena Belcher

Fun fact about me – I was interviewed by “A Texas Girl Talks”, Lorena Belcher.  Below is a video with audio of my interview with “A Texas Girl Talks“, Lorena Belcher. Below is a video with audio of my interview with “A Texas Girl Talks”, Lorena Belcher. Lorena is a neighbor who is a voiceover artist and is currently working on voicing Sairy from my soon to come book “Children of the Horns”. She also chronicles her experiences with people she meets through this career and asked if I’d be interested in being interviewed by her. I agreed, and Lorena and I set up a time to talk. She asked me great questions and she recorded the conversation. I’m excited to share it with the world!

I have stated that my inspiration for my work comes from my Native American background and love of nature. However a major benefactor is also my wife Barbee Beer. She makes it possible for me to do things with the person I love. She encourages me to pursue my dreams and provides me with the support I need to stay focused and motivated. She is also my biggest fan and is always there to celebrate my successes. I am forever grateful for her. Below is a video/audio of Barbee being interviewed by Lorena Belcher. The two discuss Barbee’s life growing up on ranches, her love of horses and cattle. They also discuss how we met, married, and moved to Hico, TX.

Ranch Life

My Other Passion

I currently reside at our main headquarters outside of Hico, Texas with my wife Barbee. When I am not creating or writing, you can find me with cattle or horses. My love for the land has driven me to find creative ways to manage the ranch while still pursuing creative pursuits. I have fortunately been able to balance the need to care for the ranch with my love of creating and writing. The quiet company of animals and spending time in God’s creation is the source of my thoughts, images, and inspiration. I strive to show the passion for the outdoors and God’s creation to be evident in my work. Nature’s stillness provides an endless source of motivation and allows me to capture moments of beauty in my work.

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