Story Paper

I created “Story Paper” to capture and preserve the pieces of time that visit my mind… they are the moments that create the stories. This involved process begins with a mental image. I hand carve that image into a handmade paper plate or mold. Each paper is then individually pressed into the mold by a process of soaking, pressing and drying. I then hand draw each paper using graphite, colored pencil, and pastels. Each paper is labeled “Unique” as each paper is on its own an original. Each paper consists of three parts. The initial completed image. The hand drawing and finally the completed image after reading the story. “Magically… a story is born in a readers mind”.

*Frame-able w/story $8.00 each
*Cards w/ envelopes and story $12.00 each
(can be framed after received)

Custom Pieces are Available

Contact Me for Details

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