Bronze Sculptures

Custom Pieces are Available

RS Beer Bronze Sculptures are “LIMITED EDITION”
Each of the sculptures are currently
1/15 thru 15/15

Each uniquely handmade RS Beer Bronze Sculptures have their own unique story and process when created. His imagination and creativity come from his Native American heritage, cowboy life, and love of the land.

Native American artists use bronze as a medium for their sculptures, but his bronze sculptures lean more towards his Western art style. As a result, the combined elements of both styles allow him to create something unique that reflects both cultures. His sculptures are a beautiful blend of traditional elements and modern styles. They capture the spirit of both cultures, and create a stunning visual representation of the artist’s vision. The two styles create an original and compelling art form that is both visually striking and meaningful. His art form is a testament to the blending of cultures and a reminder of the importance of collaboration and understanding. It’s like a tapestry, with each strand or element representing a different culture. However, when woven together, a beautiful and complete picture emerges. By weaving together, the disparate elements of different cultures, he creates something unified and visually appealing that also carries a deep meaning and significance. His talented mother Dawna Gatewood was a blessing to RS Beer. Her creativity inspired and energized RS Beer. It served as a reminder of the power of collaboration and understanding and was a valuable asset to the team. It also taught the team that no matter how different two cultures are, they can be blended together to create something beautiful.

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