Bosque Oak Wing Butterfly

In my many journeys down to the Bosque River, I noticed a tree that was always different.  Though there was no breeze the leave would move.  On a cold fall day I noticed all the leaves were gone.  I pondered that and headed back to my studio and gallery.  Upon entering, I noticed I had left a window open.  All around were the missing leaves.  As I reached to close the window, a leaf landed on my hand.  A butterfly!  The leaves on that tree are butterflies. You can search the Bosque River; you will not find that tree.  The only place you will find the butterflies is in my studio overlooking the Bosque River and the tree.

Frame-able with story $8.00 each
Cards with envelopes and story $12.00 each (can be framed after received)
*Custom orders are available.

Every piece is individually created.  If you are interested, please reach out to me.

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