Hand Wrought

Handmade is exactly that – made by an artisan or maker rather than by a machine. Objects created using traditional techniques such as weaving, knitting, or pottery are exemplary examples of handmade work. Hand-wrought is also ‘handmade’, but is a term used for when an object has been shaped by hand with hammers and other tools. Many of my pieces are worked and created this way and without machinery. My hand-wrought jewelry takes a considerable amount of time and results in unique individual pieces. Hand-wrought jewelry is unique and special because it is lovingly crafted by hand and each piece is one-of-a-kind. No two pieces are identical, making them a truly original and special gift. Every piece is a work of art, and each has a story to tell. Handmade jewelry is a meaningful way to show someone you care and appreciate them. It’s also an investment in the artist who created it and a way to support the artisan community.

The design process is key to each piece’s value. Every curve, line, and setting is intentional. The design process is key to each piece’s value. Based on my ancestors’ experiences and teachings, I put every curve, line, and setting there with intention. This intentionality is both conscious and deeply rooted in my heritage, making every piece a unique expression of my identity.

I use the highest quality materials in my work. With mass produced pieces of jewlery or art, it is difficult to tell the quality of the materials. My pieces, however, are created with a deep understanding and respect for the materials I use. I take great pride in the quality of my work and want to ensure that it will last for generations.

I am dedicated to preserving nature and to sustainability and ethically sourced materials. I select and choose the highest quality materials from suppliers who share my love of nature and sustainability. In doing so, I am able to bring a peace of mind to my customers, knowing that they are receiving a product that is not only of the highest quality, but is also produced in a way that respects our environment.

As all my work is produced by my hands, I control the process from start to finish. I am extremely proud of the designs I produce and nothing leaves my studio that would not make my Native American ancestors proud. I draw inspiration from the beauty of nature and my heritage, and strive to create pieces that honor both. My work is a reflection of my connection to the land and its people, and I am passionate about sharing it with others.

The next time you consider a hand wrought piece of Native American jewelry, remember you are supporting something much larger! While the piece may be an investment, you will have a special piece of my history and Native American culture. It is an honor to share my history with you. I hope you appreciate the craftsmanship and artistry that poured into creating it.

Thank you for your support.

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