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RS Beer Cowboy/girl Conchos, Belt Buckles, and String Keepers

Cowboys have been an integral part of American history and culture for centuries. Their rugged individualism, adventurous spirit, and ability to adapt to harsh conditions have made them iconic figures. While cowboys may seem like a distant and bygone era, their influence can still be seen and felt in various aspects of our lives today.

Cowboy fashion choices have also left a lasting impact on American culture. The iconic cowboy hat, cowboy boots, belts, conchos, and denim jeans protected by leather cowboy chinks or chaps have become symbols of the American West.  Conchos, belt buckles, and string keepers are essential accessories for anyone looking to embrace the western lifestyle and channel their inner cowboy spirit.

Conchos are decorative buttons or disks that adorn belts, saddles, and other leather goods like chinks or chaps. They are often used to add a touch of color and style to leather items.  They also serve a functional purpose, as they help to keep the leather from stretching and becoming damaged over time.  Conchos can be found on cowboy belts, hats, and chinks or chaps. Cowboy chinks or chaps often feature conchos along the edges, adding a touch of Western flair and creating a distinctive look. The conchos not only serve as decorative elements on the chaps, but also add durability and reinforce the structure of the garment.  The conchos I create are made of German silver. Each piece is NOT engraved, they are separate hand sawn layers soldered together.  They are hand stamped to highlight each layer and shaped by hammer and mold.

Belt Buckles are an essential accessory for western wear, serving both the functional and decorative purposes. Belt buckles come in a wide range of designs. They can feature intricate details, inlays, or engravings to add a touch of elegance or make a statement.  My belt buckles are hand carved from a solid sheet of stainless steel.

String Keepers are a small accessory used to secure the ends of belt straps or strings. They are typically come in various designs to match the conchos and belt buckles. String keepers serve a very practical purpose by preventing the belt strap from slipping or coming undone. 

Conchos, belt buckles, and string keepers are key components of any western wardrobe. They serve a practical purpose but also add style and individuality to any cowboy outfit. Whether it’s a traditional rodeo-inspired look or a more contemporary cowboy aesthetic, these items are essential accessories for anyone looking to embrace the western lifestyle and bring out the Cowboy in Us!

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