Half Breed – Coming Soon!


Hello out there! I’am whats known as a Half Breed. Despite all that I’am
the creator of all things R Shane Beer. From jewelry, bronzes, story paper
and anything in between. Hell, I’ve even written some of those so called
books that people can read.

I started this journey way back in 1969. My mother and her Uncle sat
me down at a bench of tools way over in that New Mexico country.
Showed me how to make a traditional Navajo silver bead.
From that moment on I have had my boot to the
pedal and the pedal to the metal.

In 1987 I discovered a character, that was sent home on a
letter from Vietnam by my uncle. Since that time, I created
the cartoon character “Single Feather”.

Well in 1987 I got one of them there copyrights on this guy. I have along the way
picked up some strange characters wander’n ’round this here reservation.
I call them the Fast R ranch hands. Why don’t you come along and enjoy my
or should I say our, hilarious look at the world for what it really is.
I look forward to sharing all this with ya’…Oh, you are welcome!

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